Typha capensis

Image by/from Andrew Massyn Typha capensis is an aquatic plant known from southern and eastern Africa as far north as Uganda. It has also been reported from Brazil. The rhizomes of Typha capensis are used medicinally in southern Africa. It is reported to improve circulation and to enhance male libido and performance.


Image by/from Triante2009 Beluister Zwanen zijn de grootste watervogels uit de onderfamilie Anserinae (zwanen en ganzen). Op een na worden alle soorten in het geslacht Cygnus ingedeeld. De uitzondering is de coscorobazwaan (Coscoroba coscoroba), die tot het aparte geslacht Coscoroba wordt gerekend. Zwanen zijn grote vogels met een lange hals. Ze zijn zwaar en stijgen … Read more

Zizania texana

Image by/from Ryan Hagerty Zizania texana is a rare species of grass known by the common name Texas wild rice. It is endemic to Texas, where it is found only on the upper San Marcos River in Hays County. It is threatened by the loss and degradation of its habitat. It is a federally listed … Read more

Wolffiella gladiata

Wolffiella gladiata, the Florida mudmidget, is an aquatic plant in the family Araceae. It is one of the smallest flowering plants known, a mere 3-9 mm long. It occurs in quiet waters in the states along the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts of the United States from Texas to New Jersey plus in the states of the … Read more

Ziziphus cambodiana

Image by/from Curtis’s botanical magazine; or flower garden displayed. London, 1816, volume 43 (plate 1823). Ziziphus cambodiana is an aquatic plant species as described by French botanist Jean Baptiste Louis Pierre. In Cambodia it is known as Angkrong (អង្គ្រង), but it is also present in Vietnam and Laos. It is a vascular plant of the … Read more


Image by/from Britta from San Francisco Bay Area, California De zwanehalsfuut (Aechmophorus occidentalis) is een watervogel uit de familie van de Podicipedidae. Deze fuut heeft een lange, dunne hals en een rudimentaire staart. Het verenkleed is zwart en wit. Op zijn kop prijkt een zwarte pruik. Dit is bij beide geslachten gelijk. De lichaamslengte bedraagt … Read more


Image by/from Map data (c) OpenStreetMap contributors, CC-BY-SA • Shape files infrastructure and nature (railway, roads, water, forest): all originally by OpenStreetMap contributors. Status december 2011 • Protected area Natura2000 boundaries: derived via ec.europa.eu. EEA standard re-use policy: unless otherwise indicated, re-use of content on the EEA website for commercial or non-commercial purposes is permitted … Read more

Zannichellia palustris

Image by/from Christian Fischer Zannichellia palustris, the horned pondweed, is a plant found in fresh to brackish waters in the United States (especially in the Chesapeake Bay), Europe, Asia, Australasia, and South America. It is recognizable by its long, thread like leaves, and “stringy” appearance. Its roots are also long and tendril-like, and its seeds … Read more

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