Image by/from Rl Cabombaceae Hydatellaceae Nymphaeaceae The Nymphaeales are an order of flowering plants, consisting of three families of aquatic plants, the Hydatellaceae, the Cabombaceae, and the Nymphaeaceae (water lilies). It is one of the three orders of basal angiosperms, an early-diverging grade of flowering plants. At least 10 morphological characters unite the Nymphaeales. Molecular … Read more

Nymphoides aquatica

Nymphoides aquatica is an aquatic plant in the Menyanthaceae, native to the southeastern United States from Texas to Maryland. It is known variously as the banana plant, banana lily, and the big floatingheart. It is most commonly called the banana plant because of its banana shaped roots. These unusual roots store nutrients. This species is … Read more

Nymphaea ondinea

N. ondinea subsp. ondineaN. ondinea subsp. petaloidea Ondinea purpurea Hartog Nymphaea ondinea is an flowering aquatic plant in the family Nymphaeaceae native to northwestern Australia. Originally classified in its own genus as Ondinea purpurea, molecular studies have shown that it is morphologically aberrant species of Nymphaea, to which it has been transferred. It grows from a corm-like rhizome and … Read more

Odesa National Maritime University

Odessa National Maritime University is a Ukrainian University in Odessa. Post address: 34, vul. Mechnikova, Odessa, Ukraine, 65029 University graduates were prominent people – Minister of the Navy of the USSR T.B. Huzhenko and Chief Black Sea Shipping Company, Hero of Socialist Labor A.E. Danchenko. Recently, the university front columns of the memory of generations … Read more


Oenanthotoxin is a toxin extracted from hemlock water dropwort (Oenanthe crocata) and other plants of the genus Oenanthe. It is a central nervous system poison, and acts as a noncompetitive gamma-aminobutyric acid (GABA) antagonist. A case has been made for the presence of this toxin in local Oenanthe species playing a causative role in euthanasia … Read more

Nymphoides indica

Image by/from Edward Jaser Nymphoides indica is an aquatic plant in the Menyanthaceae, native to tropical areas around the world. It is sometimes cultivated, and has become a minor weed in Florida, where it resembles the native Nymphoides aquatica. Common names include banana plant, robust marshwort, and water snowflake. Nymphoides indica spreads by rhizomes, forming … Read more

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