Nuphar japonica

Image by/from KENPEI Nuphar japonica, known as East Asian yellow water-lily, is an aquatic plant species in the genus Nuphar found in Japan and the Korean Peninsula. It is endangered in Russia. The species was not accepted by The Plant List as of November 2013[update], which regarded it as an “unresolved name”. Nuphar × saijoensis (Shimoda) … Read more

Najas minor

Image by/from Robert H. Molenbrock Najas minor, known as brittle naiad or brittle waternymph, is an annual aquatic plant, a submersed herb. It is native to Europe, Asia and North Africa from the Netherlands to Morocco east to Japan and the Philippines, including China, Siberia, Central Asia, Iran, Turkey, Ukraine, Germany, France Italy and a … Read more

Nasturtium microphyllum

Image by/from Rasbak Nasturtium microphyllum, the onerow yellowcress, is an aquatic plant species widespread across Europe and Asia, and naturalized in the United States, Canada, Mexico, Central America, Australia, New Zealand and other places. It occurs in wet locations generally at elevations less than 1500 m. It has been reported from every Canadian province except … Read more

Nuncia Maria Tur

Image by/from WikiMedia Commons Nuncia Maria Tur (born 1940) is an Argentine botanist. She is a researcher in the Vascular Plants Division, Faculty of Natural Sciences, the National University of La Plata. Her work has focused on aquatic plant species, and specializes in Podostemaceae. The standard author abbreviation Tur is used to indicate this person … Read more

Nuphar lutea

Image by/from Hans Hillewaert Nuphar lutea, the yellow water-lily, or brandy-bottle, is an aquatic plant of the family Nymphaeaceae, native to temperate regions of Europe, northwest Africa, and western Asia. This aquatic plant grows in shallow water and wetlands, with its roots in the sediment and its leaves floating on the water surface; it can … Read more

Nasturtium floridanum

Nasturtium floridanum, common names Florida yellowcress and Florida watercress, is an aquatic plant species endemic to Florida, though widely distributed within that state. It is found in wet places at elevations less than 50 m. Nasturtium floridanum can be distinguished from the more common N. officinale by its much smaller seeds, less than 2 mm across.

Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary

Nandur Madhmeshwar Bird Sanctuary is located at Niphad Tehsil of Nashik District, known as the Bharatpur of Maharashtra. A stone pickup is constructed across river Godavari at Nandur Madhmeshwar. This resulted into the formation of rich environment for biological diversity. Many species of plants like Babul, Tamarind, Neem, Jamun, Vilayati, Maharukh, Pangara, Mango, Eucalyptus, are … Read more

Nelumbo nucifera

Image by/from T.Voekler Nelumbo nucifera, also known as Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, Egyptian bean or simply lotus, is one of two extant species of aquatic plant in the family Nelumbonaceae. It is often colloquially called a water lily. Under favorable circumstances the seeds of this aquatic perennial may remain viable for many … Read more

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