CHINA Water Hyacinth / Aquatic Weed Harvester Designed By SHENGJIE ENV PROTEC ENV

Marine Weed Farmers created by Qingzhou Shengjie Env Protec Equipment Technology Co., Ltd are an effective option to handling your water weed infestation. This equipment is generally used for collection of enteromorpha, drifting algae, floating trash, water transport, storage space as well as hyacinth. SHENGJIE is a leader in marine plant as well as weed … Read more

Aquatic Weed Harvester Skimming & Removing Algae / Lake Weeds

Learn more about the Eco Harvester and get pricing at: or call 877-224-4899 The Eco-Harvester from Weeders Digest is one of the top Water Weed Harvesters available. Its an all-in-one Cutter, Puller & Skimmer! Learn more, watch more videos & learn where to buy at

Best Lake Weed Control | Pond Weed Control

407-901-5656 Unlike various other retention fish pond upkeep business that have to use chemicals as well as after that leave the passing away plants to rot, FPC naturally removes the weeds and eliminates them completely! Lake Weed Removal

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