Natural Weed PreventionKiller (Rock Salt)

This is my introduction of using rock salt as a weed prevent/killer. Merely purchase rock salt (soft water salt from house depot, or ice thaw salt) and spread it in the location you do not desire growth. Follow me on Instagram! WANT TO TORCH WEEDS examine this out. Various other weed Killers: … Read more

Arch Linux running in a WM8650 ARM netbook

My port of the Linux kernel, running Arc Linux ARM (alarm) on a WM8650 ARM based netbook. The majority of the adjustments made to the kernel are based on the job of John (Pond Weed) to port Arch Linux to WM8650 tablet computers: For downloads and even more information, check out: – (Base … Read more

Flowering Rush: Controlling an Invasive Species Through Innovation and Partnership with Wall…

Flowering thrill is an aggressive, non-native aquatic weed which has gotten into lots of lakes, rivers as well as reservoirs in the Pacific Northwest, Midwest as well as Great Lakes regions. It represents a collaboration between ERDC’s Environmental Laboratory, USACE Walla as well as Omaha Districts, USDA-ARS, and industry partners. Video: Audrey Gossett, ACE-IT Walla … Read more

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