Uganda – Weed Smothers Lake

T/I: 10:35:53 FE 10:31:00 An emergency plan is being prepared by African states, to prevent Lake Victoria being smothered by a noxious pond weed – the water hyacinth. The plant was originally imported to the region by Belgian colonists, but the weed is now clogging large parts of the lake, which sits between the borders … Read more

Beachroller – Remove Weeds and Muck from Lake

It’s an easy-to-use tool that cuts lake weeds, rips out the roots and digs up the muck. It is very easy to use and the only manual lake weed removal device that gets to the problem….the lake bottom. With the Beachroller you are blasting up the muck and dead vegetation, which is what feeds new … Read more

Big Panfish and Bass Underwater Video

This recent underwater filming mission found big schools of bluegill, crappie, and bass loaded in a shallow main lake weed bed. Reduced snow and ice, coupled with melt, increases light penetration which spurs a recharge of oxygen in these areas. Whatever the case, the fish pushed shallow in big numbers for new feeding opportunities, quietly … Read more

Beachroller. Simple hand tool for cleaning up your lake shore and beach area.

Easy & cost effective way to clean up your beach. The Beachroller cuts, pulls and gets rid of your nasty weeds and muck!! Easy to use and people are loving it! Simply roll the lake bottom to remove the junk and get down to the hard sandy bottom. The Beachroller has a 24″ roller with … Read more

How to remove weed from a small lake | Any Pond Limited | UK

In this video Mark removes weed out of a farm pond How to remove weed from a small lake pond weed removal removing pond weeds pulling weed out of a pond removing weed from pond lake weed removal removing weeds from a pond getting rid of pond weeds how to remove weeds from pond remove … Read more

Aquarius Systems – Aquatic Vegetation Cutter (800) 328-6555 This video is a demonstration of the different capabilities an Aquarius Systems Aquatic Vegetation Cutter has. Trademark name, Swamp Devil; this powerful equipment plows through thick, densely matted aquatic weeds and small trees to open water passageways.

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