Aquatic weeds clog radio-controlled boat race course

Bob Brackett, Columbia Cup contest director for R/C Unlimiteds, explains how the aquatic weeds in Kennewick’s Family Fishing Pond cause problems for the radio-controlled racing boats scheduled to compete this weekend. The group decided to relocate and shorten the course in a different section of the pond. (Video/Bob Brawdy)

Aquatic Weed Harvester/Mowing Ship (

Product Description: This equipment is made up by floating body, collecting system, transmission system, paddle propulsion system, power system, etc. It was an unique device created based on domestic river, lake, reservoir water existing water plant. This device is hydraulic control, a high level of automation, it can end up reducing, collection, short-term storage, discharging … Read more

BERKY Multipurpose Aquatic Dredger and Weed Harvester

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Aquascape Aquarium Water Life] 30 Cube Aquarium Soil Aquatic Weeds. 10 times speed

Aquascape Aquarium Water Life] 30 Cube Aquarium Soil Aquatic Weeds. 10 times speed I do not know what to say. It is enough to clean the water to hold the initial setting. The original is about 7 hours. I think you’ll be in for a joke. If you want to see short 10 times, please … Read more

Silvia Langa – Status of biocontrol on aquatic weeds in Mozambique – May 2013

Silvia Langa- Department of Zoology and Entomology, Rhodes University The release of biological control agents has reduced the problem caused by many invasive weeds throughout Africa. In Mozambique, the first biological control agents released on the aquatic weeds were Noechetina eichhorniae and Neochetina bruchi to control Water hyacinth (Eichhornia-crassipes). Other biological control agents used on … Read more

Alphaboats FX-11 Waterweed Harvester – Harvesting Aquatic Weeds

Alphaboats Unlimited flagship waterweed farmer is the FX-11 with an 11-foot harvesting cut. It is seen in action collecting milfoil on Cayuga Lake, the largest of the New York State’s Finger Lakes. This model is preferred by federal governments as well as professionals and also is created to be easily mover to the work site … Read more

How to Remove Aquatic Weeds from Your Shoreline

All needed for Pest Control ————— Just How to Remove Aquatic Weeds from Your Shoreline A shoreline choked with weeds does exactly that; extreme plant life in shallow water can diminish oxygen in the water in the evening– when plants eat, rather than launch oxygen– and also asphyxiate fish. Plant cover can additionally limit … Read more

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