Plants and Animals in Water | Class V | Aquatic Plants | Weeds | Types of Organisms

Hi This learners! This video talks about the water life, i.e. Plants and Animals in Water. Also, we will be touching the concept of Habitat and types of organisms on the basis of habitat like Terrestrial Organisms, Arboreal Organisms, Aerial Organisms. We will be covering up the free-floating plants, rooted aquatic plants with floating leaves, … Read more

FarmWorks Broad-spectrum Grass and Weed Killer

FarmWorks yard as well as herbicide a non-selective, broad-spectrum weed control for lots of farming systems as well as farmsteads. This weed and lawn awesome functions wonders for basic non-crop areas as well as industrial websites, forestry website prep work, ornamentals, plant nurseries and Christmas trees, parks, domestic and also leisure locations, railways, roadsides, and … Read more

PILA(Snail):Mechanism Of Aquatic Respiration

Marine respiration takes area when the snail is at the base or is lying or floating suspended in water or affixed to plants as well as weeds in water.At this moment the pet is located to be completely increased with the head and foot broadened fully.

Building Fish Structure, Hands-On Habitat – Texas Parks and Wildlife [Official]

Hands-On Habitat: As reservoirs age, natural locations for fish to discover food and also shelter can be lost. Crews in Northeast Texas are sinking some strange-looking frameworks and also seeding indigenous plants to enhance the situation for both fish and also fishermen. This project was funded partially by a give from the Sport Fish Restoration … Read more

DEMO HQ MOBITRAC Mowing boat, Harvester, Small Dredger, Amphibian Excavator

The MOBITRAC Amphibian Tool Carrier is a lightweight machine for Water maintenance. Due the easy tool connecter the machine can perform works as mowing, harvesting, dredging and excavating.


When the snail is at the base or is drifting or laying put on hold in midwater or connected to plants as well as weeds in water, this respiration take location. Right now the pets is discovered to be fully expended with the head as well as foot fully-expended. Two nuchal wattles create network like … Read more

Natural Farming | Beneficial aspects of Parthenium hysterophorus-వయ్యారిభామ ఉపయోగాలు

subscribe us Parthenium hysterophorus is considered to be a cause of allergic respiratory problems human as well as livestock.It is believed that plant production is substantially lowered owing to its allelopathy.However, Recently numerous ingenious uses of this hitherto notorious plant have actually been discovered. It is verified to be very valuable in removal of … Read more

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