Reflections on the Water: Identifying Spartina Grass with Rachel Benbrook

Intrusive types of plants are usually introduced to an area to resolve one trouble, however commonly end up causing various other, bigger issues. In the Salish Sea, one of these headache is spartina grass.

Using Water Hyacinth to make animal feeds.

Water hyacinth an invasive weed that traces its beginning from the Amazon basin remains to wreak havoc on lake Victoria. Biofit Agritec Enterprises wishes to turn this situation around by making use of as much water hyacinth as feasible to make animal feeds as they function in the direction of restoring the lakes landscape. Just … Read more

Midwest Rake Company 87028 Aquatic Weed Eradicator, blue

Click here for the finest rate: Midwest Rake Company 87028 Aquatic Weed Eradicator, blue Marine weed destroyer rake 28″ width reinforced serrated reducing blades 11′ 2-piece powder-coated light weight aluminum take care of Durable blade cuts undersea weeds off under Fantastic gift suggestion for lake dwellers This discussion consists of innovative commons.

Growing Marijuana using the best water possible

Reverse Osmosis, has been proven to optimize marijuana growth and now combined with the new Silecte technology it’s even better. Learn more at

Aquatic Weed Control | The best application for spray drones?

This is a quick demonstration of just how quick and effective spray drones are for aquatic spray applications! This will improve the application and get it done faster! No need to unload your boat! Thanks for watching 🙂 ——— Watch our LIVE DEMOS on Facebook ( Keep up-to-date, SUBSCRIBE Learn more ( se habla español

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